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Concrete curbsDecorative Concrete Landscape Curbing

Supply and installation of a wide variety of exposed and stamped concrete options and or combinations. Clean and low maintenance.  So many new textured colours and stamps to choose from.

  • The only permanent edging that is both highly effective and cost-effective, and yet has the versatility to please the most discriminating taste. 
  • Installation is quick and easy with little or no mess.
  • Reduces trimming and edging and as well provides a barrier for roots.
  • A decorative and yet functional addition to your landscape.
  • Many colours and patterns of stamped concrete borders to choose from.
  • Perfect for any garden beds, tree wells or as a surround to any hardscape setting.

Water Feature Packages

Custom Cascade

  • 6’x4’ water feature
  • One or two falls with two tons of boulders and pebbles of your choice
  • A 30sqft Pondless reservoir

Boulder Falls

  • 30 sqft Pondless reservoir system
  • 12’ Stream of up to 5 waterfalls for incredible ambience
  • Slate or boulder falls with seven tons of boulders and Pebbles of your choice.

Native Alberta

  • 12’ Stream with up to 5 waterfalls and an 11’x16’ pond
  • Eleven tons of boulders and pebbles of your choice
  • Rocks indigenous to Alberta

Additional Options on all Packages

  • LED underwater lighting
  • Automatic Top Up System
  • Maintenance Packages
  • Aquatic Plants

Landscape Lighting

  • Light up the canopies of your trees, accent some rocks or features or illuminate some pathways.
  • Give you landscape a night time glow for both aesthetics and safety.
  • This low voltage Kitchler LED line are permanent lights with no bulbs to have to replace.
  • Well lights, spot lights, path lights, deck and stair lights, under water lights and wall lights.
  • Proper design and installation to make sure there are no hot spots.
  • New soft glow 3 colours of white in the LED line.
  • We use proper transformers with timer and photocell capability.

Custom Decks and Outdoor Kitchens

  • We can design custom decks to incorporate any and all entertainment uses
  • The addition of sunken hot tubs or enclosures and/or pergolas or privacy screens
  • Custom aluminum picket or glass railing
  • Outdoor kitchens and bbq’s inclusive of masonry.
  • We deal with any and all materials including, composite, vinyl, cedar, kayu, azek rubber.

Bulk Tree Packages

  • Purchase up to 10, 20 and 30 native Alberta, nursery grown tree packages.
  • Inclusive of a consultation with our designer/horticulturalist.
  • One year product warranty on all trees.
  • Includes supply, delivery and planting within one property and plugs hauled away.
  • Must have machine access as they are spaded in with a skidsteer.
  • Package rates assume all deciduous trees are 70mm and evergreen trees are 9’.
  • Trees that can be used with in the package (subject to availability):
    • Green Ash
    • Laurel Leaf Willow
    • Brandon Elm
    • Shubert Cherry
    • Mayday
    • White Birch (single stemmed and clump)
    • Swedish Columnar Aspen
    • Trembling Aspen
    • Northwest Poplar
    • Flowering Crab (assorted)
    • Colorado and White Spruce.